January 16, 2012

Valentines Box - day 306-307

playing around with some box templates and designs. I have a couple of boxes with egg shapes for my dragon eggs, and decided a heart one might be good.
I will need to take a photo of a made up box, but this has a closure at the top that resembles hearts too, or a flower...  depends on perspective reallly!!
It is a small box, just right for some small heart candies, or a new piece of jewellery?!

But for now, this is a free download. Print on card (A4) and cut on heavy lines. Fold on light lines and glue tabs at side. Tuck in bottom, then fold top together to close.
Click on picture for downloadable version

January 14, 2012

Fantail pattern revamp - Day 303-305

It has been ages since I made a fantail!
I have 2 very cute fantails flitting about the trees in my garden at the moment, and they inspired me to re-look at my patterns. I knew they were missing something, and then it came to me.. legs!!!
So after a number of failed attempts, (including strange little copper ones!) I have legs I am happy with. They are wrapped with cotton to make them look more life like.
they still have some movement with the wire so can be moved to help with balance or to help perch. I now have a little flock... next... can I do the same thing with my takahe?!

January 11, 2012

Book covers completed - Day 300-302

After the new designs earlier, I have managed to complete 3 orders for fab young lasses.
Some are fur and the others are a mix of other fabrics I had.
I forgot how long it takes to cut little pieces and sew them by hand when doing a few at once. But I am happy with them. I like the different expressions and the pattern has been slightly adapted with just a hint of extra give, so the books fit much better. These will be great for school!!
Only 2 weeks to go!!

January 8, 2012

Monster/alien paper doll - day 299

Busy time getting lost in Manga studio. Not sure where this idea came from, just popped in my head wanting escape!
This cute little alien has clothes still in the design process and should work like a normal paper doll.
Am in love with how cute she turned out. Originally was trying for a boy, but she pointed out to me she is in fact a girl, so pretty dresses and crowns are the order.

January 7, 2012

Mini Dragons - Day 298

just found out that this year is Year of the dragon!
So I decided that my new eggs would be great as dragon eggs.

January 6, 2012

Book covers - Day 295-297

I had a request for new school book covers, and then went design crazy. I ended up with a number of ideas.
Using the great new digital art skills I'm learning, I have managed to put my designs together.
Now people ordering new covers have a wider choice.

January 3, 2012

Re-fillable egg - Day 292-294

Pattern crisis!
attempted 3 different types of patterns to try and get the fillable egg I wanted.
My first one had a small opening that would have been difficult for a small choc egg to get in let alone anything else!
My second one was a bigger horizontal opening, but then that sat funny (think Pacman)
 Third became a ball!
So finally, I have a succesful one!!