May 31, 2011

Lion head - day 77

I love my lion mold, but that doesnt always guarantee it will work!
awhile ago I made a set of lions heads with the mold dusted with pearlex powders and the colour worked well. this one didnt, but I understand why. I used klear kast (super clear, embedding quality) as I had it and had run out of the quick cream resin. The powders didnt stick to some of the resin this time round, and the nose also came out extra rough. (has always been a bit rough as the head shifted slightly when the silicone was setting and caused this slight quirk).

May 30, 2011

Sunset Fairy - Day 76

New Painting Pre-wings!!
Another fairy destined for sparkly wings. This time the fairy is Dragon watching, a peaceful passtime at the end of the day!
This fairy has a forest green set of wings on the way.

 I have also been stocking up some of the other crafty bits and pieces as I have decided to try a craft market (On Sunday! Arghhh). Ideally, some people will like some of my things and buy them. (as realistically, I need the funding to keep buying craft/art goodies!)

May 29, 2011

Alien painting - Day 75

So many of these bright alien finger puppets lurking around inspired this new painting..

I think a few of these may end up being done over the next week.

May 28, 2011

Santa Voodoo- Day 74

Crafting household this weekend.
The ufo and puppets are being well tested by a gorgeous 3 year old and a small army of voodoo dolls are being made up...
A pre-xmas santa voodoo doll requested by teen, just to see if it could work

May 27, 2011

Alien UFO - Day 73

Still the opening to redo as I want it more overlapped when closed.
But the prototype is a fab start. Now one needed to send down south.
Works very well for the "5 little men in a flying saucer" song

May 26, 2011

Explosion of aliens - Day 72

more and more finger puppets, ufo design almost ready (day 73?)
a busy teaching week slowing down progress and with a market looming ever closer, I'm wishing I had that magic ring Hermione had in Harry Potter.... sigh

May 25, 2011

Resin Hearts - Day 71

I decided to use a bit more of the resin since I dusted it off over the fairy wing trial attempt.
So here is one piece unmolded. A Koru based heart designed by my daughter, using some Pearlex powder too add colour.

May 24, 2011

More Monster Covers - Day 70

Stock building - trying to get more of these done at once.
Trying out different faces and fabrics. the short fur fabric is my favourite, but the colours are limited to these colours. My cheap supplier has run out of the lovely green and has no other colours. So I will need to hunt down some others.

May 23, 2011

Animalia wordfind - Day 69

A wordfind of big long words related to Animalia.
Just in teacher mode and needed a creative thing I could then use in class (at least, an activity for the super stars or those who like a challenge in upper primary)


May 22, 2011

Voodoo Mini - Day 68

Another little felt creation. A mini voodoo doll to end a stressful week.
Not that I would EVER wish harm on anyone... its just sometimes the whole 'bad-karma-coming-back-to-them' theory doesnt work fast enough for some horrid people.

Wings on Moonlit night - day 67

LOTS and LOTS of contemplating on this, but decided to just do the wings in the end, which was my original plan.
The wings are single layer fantasy film so the colour is lighter then the first painting.
Am pleased with how its turned out, onto the next one!!

Alien Finger puppets - Day 64-66

Limited crafting time during this week due to family illness and life balance (which sometimes feels as stressful as juggling blood thirsty monsters while baking a cake).
New patterns being played with after the princess finger puppet, led to a small invasion of aliens.
A UFO is also in the pipeline so a set can be sent to a friend.

Portrait watercolour - Day 63

After a success last week with the Justiung bieber painting (well recieved by a bieber fan!!), i thought I would try again with a family picture.
Didnt turn out as well, but still perfecting technique.

Princess Finger puppet - Day 62

As part of a castle set, I am developing little felt characters. I decided to try it as a finger puppet first to see how it looked. I think a set of finger puppets might be quite cool, will need to play around with a dragon, knight and wizard next.

(Due 16 May, late due to life)

May 15, 2011

New takahe - Day 61

After the kiwi from saturday, I then tried a Takahe.
This was slightly trickier as there are different colours to layer.
slightly less chicken looking then the kiwi!!
I might try to add some legs, but this one could be cute on a xmas tree! (never to early to start planning!)

May 14, 2011

Kiwi attempt - Day 60

Trying a new pattern, a Kiwi fiqure to go along with my Fantail.
It seems to resemble a chicken though... I may need to rethink the pattern :)

is about 1.5" high and 2" wide (not including beak)

May 13, 2011

Bieber watercolour - day 59

This is a fixed up version of Day 57.
So, after discovering that wax didn't really work well, I redid it with masking fluid. Much easier to use!
I just had the printed picture behind the watercolour paper on the window (my sophisticated version of a light box), and painted the masking fluid on the white areas of the face. This has to be done quickly, I found the brush would start to set and I had to pull off little bits, and it also pulled bits of the latex off the picture if I had to go over it.

Once this is dry, just put on watercolour washes, dry completely and very gently, use a eraser to rub at the edges and remove the mask. dont get over zealous and pull too much off at once, mine caught the paper at one spot and started to take the paper with it.

May 12, 2011

Moonlit Painting - Day 58

A progress report...
The 'fairy' is done, she is basking in the moonlight, moon-bathing in a way.
But, now a small artistic crisis... wings vs. no wings!
Am stuck, I am so pleased with how she has turned out and, although her wings are in development and are smaller then my last, I'm wondering if turning her into a fully winged fairy will be ok. She seems happy just as she is.
Any thoughts??
(photo not brilliant, will try for a better one later)

May 11, 2011

Watercolour Experiment - Day 57

I decided to try a quick portrait  picture using watercolours and masking fluid.
But, since I didn't have any of this, I took the advice of a fab painter and tried to use wax. The problem is the wax I have is a tea light candle, and the wax dries very fast! The wax also clumps!
I did a quick attempt using a J.Bieber picture.. and quickly decided no more wax!!
Next one should be better.. I now have some masking fluid!! (Super thanks to Juls!!)

May 10, 2011

Moonlit background - Day 56

A full moon and clouds, just awaiting the arrival of the fairy.
I am aware the moon seems small, I might try it a tad larger, but seems to fit this size - especially when the fairy is added.
In fact, maybe I'll just state this isn't earth, and this planets moon is just tiny... yeah, that could work!

May 9, 2011

New paintings - Day 55

Busy working day meant a shortage of free arty hours, but I started the backgrounds for the next paintings. well, its actually for the one painting I have planned, but I'm not sure what kind of background I want..
 Also, I spaced out a bit looking at cool craft on line... I remember coming across these last year and thinking it would be fun to try it, then it slipped my mind. Just refound them... "one day" I want to make the musical jacket and remote control teddy bear!! (click on picture for more details)
Teddy Bear Remote Control
Time is so short! Would welcome a "groundhog day" time jump for awhile!