May 5, 2011

Huhu Grub Finger Puppets - Day 51

Huhu bugs are native to NZ and live a rather simple life, as grubs in fallen tree trunks, then a glorious 2 weeks as a free flying beetle. The most popular thing about them here, is that the grubs are eatable, and often are served at food festivals (though, it does tend to be a 'dare you to eat it' cuisine! tastes like peanut butter)

Mine dont taste much like Peanut butter though!!
They are a set of crochet huhu grubs for a new set I'm making.
Next, a dark tree log for them to hide in...


  1. Love your grubs! How could anyone eat them with faces like that! :-]
    Keep up the great work...and the 365 mission.
    Good Day to you.

  2. I'm so relieved that yours aren't yummy. Cute, though.

    Peanut butter, really?

  3. gyaaah, i don't think i could eat a grub unless i was starving.

    yours are cute though!

  4. Oh gross! But yours are cute!!!!

  5. Could use yours for flossing after eating the real thing hehe. All would be considered gluten-free, very healthy. An uncle had to eat the real thing for survival training when in the army, preferred them cooked.
    On a serious level though, you are amazing for finding inspiration - a really cool idea.

  6. Thanks, in all honesty... I havent tried the real ones yet either! one day!
    I now have a set of 5... there is a plan for these (will share later!)