October 31, 2011

Apple lantrern - day 230

Unfortunately, halloween is a minimalist activity here in NZ. Only some people celebrate it.
This is not helped by the fact that we celebrate it in the wrong season. One of the many curses of living in the Southern Hemisphere, we celebrate all the main holidays at the wrong time. We dont have the autumn colours, leaves and glorious pumpkins too decorate. In reality, we should be celebrating our spring (easter?!). Oh well! Heres a slightly feeble attempt... apple lantern.

October 30, 2011

Tissue Ghost - Day 229

A quick halloween decoration. You can never have too many ghosts hanging around. 
These are so easy to make and easy for little ones. 
 You just need 2ply tissue, black pen, cotton ball, white wool and some thin elastic. 

Separate the 2 plys and lay at an angle, so it has 8 points. 
Scrunch up a cotton ball and put in the centre. pick up the tissue holding the ball in the middle. Tie elastic around neck with long tail for hanging. 
Tie the wool around the bottom of the head and use the pen to draw the eyes and mouth on, and hang up. 
Make a whole group of them and hang all around.

October 29, 2011

Sims Animator - Day 228

Repeating craft day, finishing up pieces.
Thought I'd take the time to say well done to the teenage animator I know...

October 27, 2011

Pattern Sorting - Day 226

My world is a chaos of papers filled with ideas and scribbles and patterns.
I try to keep them organised with each set of patterns in a ziplock bag. But then these get scattered thru the felt and sewing mess. So I went super organised and sorted them all into a folder. Considering the chaos my life often seems in, this sudden momentary organisation is kindof scary.

Unfortunately I think it has past, which is a shame, as my kitchen cupboards need organising!!