May 3, 2011

Wing Awesomeness - Day 49

There are days when the vision you have in your head comes out just about perfect!
Today is that day!
After much thinking about the wings for my painting, I stumbled on tutorials using Fantasy/Angelina Film. I ordered online yesterday and this morning it arrived. All plans for the day dissolved away as I made these wings. Then took depth breaths as I had to wire them into the canvas.
The painting can still be seen through the wings and they are delicate enough that they dont overpower the whole piece.
Its called "Into the Unknown" 

 Good Tutorials so you can head off and make your own!

 NZ dollworld - wing tutorial as part of a Doll tutorial, Plus my supplier of Angelina Film!

Doll Makers Dream - Tutorial for a single layer wing

Enchanted Hearts -Fantasy Film Fairy Wings by Deb Wood


  1. Stunning work, Queen of Awesomeness!!! Your vision certainly took flight on this project, it is truely beautiful.

  2. Hey! Thanks for going to my Bird Blog.
    Your wings are amazing! Are you really holding them over a flame? I applaud your courage!

  3. Thanks Julie, was definately a pat-on-the-back day!
    Peggy, flame definately was the riskiest part of the project! It was used to make the holes and do the edges, but its so quick. Got little flames at some end points and thought I'd accidently melt the lot!

  4. Your title is perfect. :)
    Amazing job. I'm impressed!

    (that is me patting you on the back so you don't hurt your arm doing it yourself)

  5. Wow! Those wings are stunning. Tino Pai Nicola San :-)

  6. Thanks Ange and Spotster, this has definately reminded me of how much I like painting. Next one coming soon!

  7. Love the wings. How brave to try something so different and stitch them on. Fabulous!