May 12, 2011

Moonlit Painting - Day 58

A progress report...
The 'fairy' is done, she is basking in the moonlight, moon-bathing in a way.
But, now a small artistic crisis... wings vs. no wings!
Am stuck, I am so pleased with how she has turned out and, although her wings are in development and are smaller then my last, I'm wondering if turning her into a fully winged fairy will be ok. She seems happy just as she is.
Any thoughts??
(photo not brilliant, will try for a better one later)


  1. I love her as she is, but having wings might give a more ethereal feel to the work. It is always something to ponder to change something you like. Perhaps letting the idea of wings meander in your mind for a while will help you decide...

  2. It is lovely as it is, but (in my humble opinion) a fairy needs wings. Your last wings were so amazing, I think wings could only make a good thing even better in this case.

  3. She's lovely, Zennic. I would love to see her with the ability to fly, but more importantly, I would love to see you follow your own intuitive guide as to whether or not to add the wings. That's true flying. :)