May 8, 2011

Princess Dress - Day 53-54

This dress has been in the wings for awhile. I put it off a tad longer then I should have, but, as this was for a young girls birthday present, I couldnt put it off much longer!! silly really, as this is about the 6th one of these I've made!

The reason for the delay......a sewing machine suffering from bipolar or split personality.... in fact, it could just be possessed!!

All in all though, with hours of attention, the dress is complete. The photos are a bit rough, but you can see the main parts. It has a scalloped overskirt, big sash that ties at the back, seperate sleeves (with lace, ribbon and buttons) and metres of fabric gathered to make a very full skirt.


  1. Be grateful your machine-beast doesn't spit oil out at you like the one here does. I'd hate to see this lovely creation spoiled. Congratulations on getting it finished :)

  2. Some little birthday girl is going to be very excited when she opens this package. :)

  3. Wow! I can relate to feeling the sewing machine is possessed but for me it's user error;)

  4. Oh my Amy, thats the most evil power the possessed machine can have... making the user take the blame!! :)