May 4, 2011

Bieber Graphs - Day 50

Biggest craft push for today, was a possible gift for a girl suffering from severe Bieber Fever.
There are two possibilities I'm tossing up.... a cross-stitched picture for the wall, or use the graph for a crochet piece (pillow or blanket).
 This is an example of the ones I'm considering, its just a normal picture turned into a graph using You can choose size, and how many colours your willing to use. it then generates the pattern with the colours needed in a bigger pdf. If I deside on the crochet option, I will need a picture with simple colours, or black and white.

1 comment:

  1. My thought, even though I don't think you asked.... is for you to do the easiest option. I think that Justin Beiber will fade away soon enough (and I am even from Ontario!)and then she won't love your gift anymore, or at least the inspiration for it. It would be awful if you put tons and tons of effort into a (very thoughtful) gift only to have the recipient decide that she doesn't like him any more. (also, might I further suggest that you tell her if she ever decides she doesn't want it anymore to give it back to you to hang on to instead of the garbage. My daughter gave away all of her 'Spice Girl' stuff when she decided that she didn't like them anymore, then a couple of years later she was kicking herself because she wanted it back!)
    I look forward to seeing what you end up making!