May 13, 2011

Bieber watercolour - day 59

This is a fixed up version of Day 57.
So, after discovering that wax didn't really work well, I redid it with masking fluid. Much easier to use!
I just had the printed picture behind the watercolour paper on the window (my sophisticated version of a light box), and painted the masking fluid on the white areas of the face. This has to be done quickly, I found the brush would start to set and I had to pull off little bits, and it also pulled bits of the latex off the picture if I had to go over it.

Once this is dry, just put on watercolour washes, dry completely and very gently, use a eraser to rub at the edges and remove the mask. dont get over zealous and pull too much off at once, mine caught the paper at one spot and started to take the paper with it.

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