July 14, 2011

beaded crochet bracelet tutorial - day 121

This is just a rough tutorial, no pictures as yet (will add to list). But this is what I have and am working on the tension issues from yesterday. So if you have suggestions, speak up!!
You will need:
- a 6 strand embroidery thread
- crochet hook 2.75 mm
- beeds (seed beads or others, as long as they fit on thread)

This should make a bracelet about 17cm long. So add a few extra for bigger.
1) Add 40 beads to thread using the needle. Push them down as you dont use them till round 2!
2) Crochet time!! Chain 45 and turn
3) Single Crochet (SC) in 44 stitches, then chain 1 and turn.
4) Start with SC in first 2 stitches, then start adding beads. Slide a bead into each SC before you complete it.
SC in last 2 stitches. Finally chain 1 and turn.
5) Now complete with a SC in the 44 stitches. Fasten off.
6) Now you need to decide what closure method you prefer. The standard is the friendship bracelet "tails" that you can just crochet on, then tie around wrist (or maybe add a slip knot!)
Option 2 is too weave in loose ends and then add jewellery fastenings. A ring one side and clasp the other.

Careful about the tension, too tight and it will twist on itself... but then again, maybe you want the spiral corkscrew look!!

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