November 4, 2011

Secret Sauce - Day 234

Pictures do not do this justice! (mainly because my desire to eat it overrode my desire for a good shot!!)
I am slightly ante McD's, but for some strange reason, about once a year I crave a big mac. 
After searching ages ago I found a few variations of the secret sauce, but the main ingrediants were american and not common here (especially the french dressing, there seems to be a creamy coloured one, but in NZ its just a clear herb infusion). 
So this is the NZ version of the others. This is a good burger!! One reason I like it is the thin beef patties, quick to cook and layers well.

1/2 c mayonnaise (Best foods brand good)
3 TBL tomato relish
2 TBL French dressing
1 tsp white vinegar
1 1/2 TBL minced onion
Pinch salt
1 tsp sugar

*Just mix all together really well and fridge. 

450-500g mince with salt and black pepper - divide into 8 parts, roll into balls.
Roll each ball between baking paper squares so it is thin and size of bun, shape with hands as needed to get shape. keep separated with the baking paper and chill (makes it easier to cook, slightly frozen ok)
Cook 3-5 min each side.

Buns sliced into 3 (more even then my picture above)
lettuce in thin strips, slices of cheese and pickle if you want it.

*Toast buns lightly.
Top bottom bun with sauce, lettuce, cheese and pattie. Add next bun with sauce, lettuce and pickle if desired, then pattie and top bun. 


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