November 19, 2011

Windy Day PC - Day 248-249

I sketched out a design for a new painting, a girl caught in the wind with clothes and hair blowing and leaves twisting around.
About the same time, I was lent a couple of Imagine FX magazines to see if I could get the sample disc to work. I have always greatly, super megally, admired the people who use those great programs like photoshop and illustrator, but my first feeble attempt to learn such skills failed when i tried to learn the basics on GIMP (the free version of these). The concept of layers bewildered me and I just couldnt seem to get the program to do what I wanted with my scanned picture. Maybe the stars were in a strange alignment!!
Anyway, with the magazines in hand, I tested to see if the discs would work, and downloaded the free demo of Manga Studio just to check it out. Silly, silly thing to do!!
My artistic mode went into OCD as I "played" around to see what could be done. This lead to a number of hours, dishes piling up and a sleep deprived night, with brief stops to check online tutorials and a lot of frustrating "what the...?" moments.
Here is the start... I sketched straight onto the computer (since I tried the scanner thing last time and got lost), and dilligently watched tutorials and learnt about layers. All went fine untill the grass.. Grass is tricky!!! Some time on this part alone - ok, LOTS of time!!
Now to tackle the sky, leaves and feel of wind.!!!


  1. I love's beautiful.

  2. Oh wow, this is beautiful! What a fantastic first attempt. I just discovered GIMP myself, although I haven't had a chance to download it, let alone play around with it. Did you find Magna easier to use, or do you think you were ready to learn this new skill now, no matter the program? (In other words, would you recommend Magna over GIMP, or do you like it better for other reasons?)

  3. Johannah, I think GIMP vs manga is based on what you want it for. Gimp has the key tools for photo manipulation, colouring and drawing, but manga has a few more of the drawing aspects. At least, it was easier for me to find and learn the key things on manga. Both have online tutorials though. I really like the feel and ease of use of manga, but gimp is free. At this point, I think I like Manga more, the tutorials are easy to follow, the layers were easier to get grips with etc.