December 5, 2011

Finger Misery - Day 265

A random craft born from slight stitching misery. I have been stitching LOTS the last 2 days, completing 2 orders for the bunny playset. But I have had issues. My left wrist has developed a niggling ache, so that cant be good! And I have cut the side of my finger, ouch. On top of that, I have managed to mangle the top of my middle finger while trying to hand stitch on super stubborn velcro. Silly me, I had the sticky back velcro, which was great for placement and temporary stickiness, but with use wont last so needs to be sewn. It turns out this is not so easy!! My sewing machine was not impressed, the glue was transferred to the needle, which then became sticky and stopped the thread from working. Many battles and a new needle later, I had to move to handstitching. Again... silly me... I dont have a thimble, I needed a thimble!! The needle took a fair chunk of effort to push through. I bent 2 of them pressing against the table to get the needle through. But my finger kept slipping and the back of the needle kept stabbing me. The next day, cursing brilliantly, I brought sew on velcro!! So much easier. But, a couple of areas still needed handstitching, and my finger is so sore. I had to whip up a makeshift thimble/finger guard. This is scraps of felt, with a double layer of felt sandwiching cardboard on the top and sides. I had to add an extra piece at the bottom so it stays on my finger. Ok... this is a rant based post. back to work!!
And I am aware I could have brought a thimble when I brought the velcro but i forgot!!

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