December 4, 2011

Hot Chocolate Sticks - Day 264

Christmas and chocolate. Can't beat them! 

 I saw a very fancy package at an exclusive shop selling these cubes of chocolate on a stick, that you swirl into hot milk for a decadent hot chocolate. A cute idea I thought, but not at $3-4 per choc. 
So I researched on line at may different recipes (links soon) and opted for this one. I chose this one because there were less ingrediants, but the condensed milk based ones will be my next batch so I can compare. 
I think the choc and cocoa ones last longer too. But I managed to make 11 x25g hot choc sticks for $5. Me and z tested these, and yum! Will wrap up all pretty with wrap and ribbon.
Probably could have got the same level of choc by adding an extra spoon of hot choc mix, but swirling and watching the choc slowly melt, as well as the little extra nibbles of the melting choc, does make it a bit more special. The marshmallows turned out to be just for decoration though, as they melted with the choc and disappeared. Probably need the big homemade marshmallows to have a marshmallowie layer on top.

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