December 6, 2011

Fairy Skirt - Day 266

This was a joint craft with my daughter. In fact, I started her off but she finished so I could complete bunny sets. 

 Oh the joys of a no sew fairy skirt!! 
I have seen a few of these around, and after a slightly disastrous fairy skirt last year that frayed horrendously, I opted for the tougher tulle. No fray!! 
This couldnt be easier really. The only stitching you need to do is the elastic waist band.
Once that is done, you just get a mass of strips cut from your coloured net, some matching ribbon strips and start adding them. With each long strip, double it and then slip knot around the elastic. Alternate colours and ribbon till you run out. Then settle down for a while because you need to tie the strips togehter. You take one strip (light pink) and tie to one strip of the colour next to it (dark pink), just keep going around like this. Once done, you can trim any extra long bits (my white was a much softer netting and was longer). 

Another xmas present done!!

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