April 21, 2011

Bunny Blog Background - Day 37

Attempted to learn some of the features of Gimp (the free image program similar to photoshop ones), I had in mind to make up some Easter Hunt cards using a photo of the bunnies I had made, but got carried away playing with the images and made a tileable image.
Still confused by the layers and how to cut and arrange certain parts of an image, and part of todays success was a fluke, but still feel proud!!
Have tiled this as my background, but it wont stay long as it's a bit much for me, and the labels and archive sections need a background colour. So I quess I'll need to learn the HTML code that can make that happen next.


  1. um, I don't know doc; I see two midgets fighting over a chicken, no wait, I see rabbits, no, I see standard pattern three in the Rorschach series to test for obsessive-compulsiveness.