April 2, 2011

Pinky Popkle - Day 19

Have made a new mounted Popkle head, a pink and black one which is on commision to match a bedroom quilt.
The arms and fingers are longer, which seems better for positioning. But she has come out looking a bit sadder then I wanted, I thought it was just the random way the eyes sat on the first one, but it's happened again! I will now try to adjust the pattern to shape the eyes differently. I'm not saying the sad eyes are bad (the fact they have been captured and mounted is definately something to be sad about!), but it would be good to have some Popkles look happy!


Quote from Fairly Odd Parents... just because there is something about that cartoon I really like! (and will be the approach I take to the destruction and re-creation of the pattern...)

Timmy Turner: It's fun and destructive. It's funstructive.


  1. It's firm lips want to kiss me.

  2. Then I must add a warning: felt does fluff, so excessiving kissing may result in furballs lodging in your throat. I take no responsibility for such actions. :)