April 22, 2011

Easter Hunt Cards - Day 38

Managed to use Gimp to cut my photo background off, then used Publisher to make these Easter Hunt Clue Cards.
I love Easter Hunts, I believe if your main source of food for the morning is chocolate, you may as well work for it! These Clue cards are a step up from the "quickly written up on post-its" clues from last year!

 Click Here for the printable set. (I know! too late for 2011, but nice and early for next year!)
The first page has cards number 1-4, and the second page has a blank set so you can print as many as you want.


  1. Awesome idea! And what do you mean, too late for 2011? Easter is still almost 24 hours away! Get to work, slackers! ;) I've considered a hunt with clues but this year I think I'll just be hiding things around the yard. The kiddos have asked me to hide not only the eggs, but the other treats as well. Fun!

  2. My kids (13 & 17) still like to hunt as well. I'm not ambitious enough to make clues, but I do love the idea!

  3. Great idea and I love your background image. :)

    Happy Easter, Zennic.

  4. these are really neat. Since I neither celebrate easter nor partake in anything that seems challenging, I wouldn't do this myself. But I applaud your industriousness *clap*