April 29, 2011

Wings + book cover - Day 45

Wings still in development and the painting started, so pictures on the way.
the mold looks promising, though I realised a slight glitch in my thinking! The clear resin I use (think toxic evil) can be tricky to use and the open top of the mold the air touches, can stay tacky for quite some time. The issue with this, is that one of the wings will have this side as its top. Not un-fixable, just AHHHH! Grumble grumble

On brighter news...
A great new book is available as an ebook - "Coming of age" by J.E. Bonneau.
Why am I mentioning this? has this turned into some sales blog? Am I getting commission?  No!
Its just that I did the cover!!  
Though, if you like fantasy, adventure books and enjoy checking out new authors, it is worth a look.
He is also a new member of the 365 club with a blog called 365 days of murder. Its like reading a strange murder book, just a chapter a day. (Not for the faint hearted by the way!!)
(hmmm, maybe I should be getting commision!!)  :)

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