June 5, 2011

Non-blog stall prep days - Day 79-82

Have been super busy (aka unbelievably stressed) preparing for my first craft market.
spent this week double guessing prices, stock numbers, packaging and completing all the last minute projects I was planning to take.
After reading some other blogs I realised my first stall might not sell anthing, as this is a risk for everyone, but especially newbies. I was happy to sell a few things though and covered the cost of the market as well as a small profit (new craft supplys in my future!!).
The Devonport Craft Market had a really good atmosphere and the sun was out, which helped with the crowd!
I only had a small corner spot with a card-table, but I made it work. Although it was a bit cluttered, which is supposedly a no-no, but being so small there was no way round that. Next time I might aim for height!
One issue I had was all the other stalls.... SO much awesome stuff and a small list of things I want for myself!! :)
(Stall pic takin very end of day before pack up, so looks more deshevelled then it was to start with!)

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