June 13, 2011

Paper fun - day 90

My neighbour introduced me to her favourite accessorie... a Cricut.
 At this point I need to point out I have never, and will never be a scrapbooker. Its not in my DNA. I have enough trouble just getting photos into a normal album, let alone with fancy extras! I do hold a slight admiration for those who do though, I have seen some fab things in the magazines my neighbour shares with me. Some of it is just so detailed and really captures a certain moment in time.
My neighbour has an increasing collection of goodies around this area, and also use it to make unique cards and even some art pieces for family.
The Cricut is like magic.... put in the right cartridge, add paper, press a button and it comes to live cutting out the shape you want in the size of your choice. My creative neurons are still buzzing with the potential! I played a bit with the tinkerbell set and we discovered the one thing the book misses... it doesnt tell us what the "ultimate" size is for all features to be cut probably on a layered piece (tiny lips just tore a line in paper). and if you tell it to do real size, its a suprise what that actually is (maybe we just missed something?). So, many pieces of random sizes created, including some cute fairys about 1.5" high for potential tags. In theory, the fancier side of this is cutting all the seperate layers, gluing them together for a complete look
On reflection though, I like the randomness of unfinished pieces.

1 comment:

  1. THAT looks like some serious creative fun!

    Scrapbooking isn't in my DNA, either, and sadly, I can't even seem to get the photos in an album, but this looks amazing.

    I like the "unfinished" look too.