June 9, 2011

Reversible Bunny - Day 85-86

This is the second reversible bunny I've made. I am trying too get the face right and so have been playing with the pattern.
My first Jekyll and Hyde bunny was a great achievemnt. But the front head which reverses over sat slightly high, and the mouth wasnt quite right.
I have fixed the head issue and it sits right at the bottom, and the mouth is a slight improvement, but still some work to go. Looks very much like an evil rat!!


  1. BaHaHaHa!!! This is the best EVER! Did you ever read the children's book series Bunnicula?!?!

  2. I once had a mean bunny (his name was rabbit) and he would bite - even through clothes!

  3. That is absolutely AMAZING!

  4. Thanks! Hopefully mark 3 will fix some issues. Will need to hunt down Bunnicula for inspiration maybe?!