June 27, 2011

Potter wands - day 103-104

I, Nicola, am a Harry Potter Fan. We already have our tickets for the first midnight showing of part 2, with a showing of part 1 first. A bit geeky maybe?
I saw these wands on instructables and here and thought it would be a nice activity to do. Plus the girl has a friend who wants a Harry Potter marathon night soon as she hasn't seen the first couple.
These were a bit fiddly, but I really liked the final look. Unfortuately, I think the hot glue on the outside might need  sanding or something, becasue the paint began to rub off :(


  1. Not geeky! I have had my first-showing-on-opening-day Imax 3D tickets for a couple of weeks now! (Midnight was already sold out!)

    My kids are breaking their movie marathon into three days. They are watching all of the movies and my daughter has the "Ultimate Editions" so after the movies they have many, many hours of special features to watch as well. they have a scedule made out and everything! I think the only time I'll be seeing my kids in the week before the movie will be when they are eating!

    Nice job on the wands!

  2. Enjoy the movie!! Glad we aren't the only ones!! :)