March 19, 2011

Early Easter Jitters - Day 4

It's too early!!
Easter eggs are EVERYWHERE!!
Caramello Creme Eggs calling my name... Arrrggghhhh!
This is an ode to others like me called "On the Fence" My fingers needed a break from sewing so I decided to draw. Lately, I just do rough sketches for ideas and patterns and I havent tackled an actual arty piece in awhile. Thankfully for me, art is wonderfully subjective... this hides any lack of talent! The rabbit looks a tad odd, but his expression does seem to sum up my battle of chocolate vs veges. (if not clear, the strange shapes behind the bunny are lettuces and carrots)  :)

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! The nervous bunny on the fence and the Caramello Creme Eggs.