March 22, 2011

New Characters - Day 8

Today was a typical Auckland day!
For those not from here, that means a day where it covers all 4 seasons at random intervals! Which always brings to mind the Crowded House song "4 seasons in one day".(Nz singers from a while ago)

Anyway... I found a small amount of time to sketch up some new characters...
OWLS - havent deciphered what is happening here yet, maybe he is sad, or drunk?
POPKLE - A strange new creature, with some curly horns and a love of woolen sweaters while doing yoga.
Sorry about bad photos!


  1. POPKLE & a sad (or drunk) Owl! Wonderful.

    Our weather is pulling the same thing. Must be Spring.

  2. Unfortunately for me... this is Autumn :(
    As your weather settles into eventual summer, winter will be enveloping us. sigh

  3. I realized that as soon as I posted. Sorry.

    Autumn is beautiful, too. It's just winter that can get a little old.