March 17, 2011

Fantail and Pohutukawa flowers felt art - Day 3

Made a second fantail and then decided she might look good in a tree... new challenge - Felt Art!
A cream felt background with a tree and some pohutukawa flowers. The fantail is a 3D bird that sits on the branch. I attached the whole thing to a canvas board and it is about 6 inchs square.
In my head, this seemed a potentially quick and easy project... cut the basic shapes, stitch, done!
Reality was much different! (not helped by 2 teens with last minute assignments and maths problems and a younger one just needing to be seen!). This was a project that stretched into crazy late night hours (unfortunately it is SO SO hard to stop a project once you hit a certain point).

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  1. This is so sweet. Sorry about the late night hours, but I'm glad you persevered!