March 29, 2011

Monster Guardian, The Protector - Day 15

At Christmas we were visited by the Monster Guardian of Books.
His main message in life was to read... lots!! Disguised as a book he believes he can encourage those near him to read more often, and he loves being read too while being cuddled.

There are different types of Book Guardians...
The original is The Encourager - He resembles a pillow / PJ case and likes to hide PJs or treasures in his mouth. This disquise allows him to target the key times for reading... just before bed.

A new addition has arrived, The Protector of Scholarly Stuff. (POSS)He likes to wrap himself around a book in a bear hug, protecting the precious words and thoughts that it contains. (This one paticularly likes the A4 size books) He also has a secret weapon... stroking his fur increases feelings of calm in study situations.*

*Note - The  Protector makes users feel calmer by absorbing the individuals stress into his own being. This has the unfortunate side effect of making the Protector suffer from occaisionally meltdowns. (As you can see, this current Protector is close!)

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  1. Do you make these?????? They are AWESOME. I would love to see a tuturial on these.