April 17, 2011

White rabbit tutorial - Day 33

A little felt rabbit WITH added tutorial. The rabbit is a small quick project, but I decided to see if I could write it as a tutorial as well.
Its a good basic pattern that can be easily adapted.
One idea is that it could be decorated as an easter bunny for Easter (can add basket or eggs), and have a ribbon attached for hanging, or be given as a party favour.
Click here for Tutorial 
(tutorial a PDF file on Google Docs)

19 April - Update - Realised there is no materials list on the tutorial. Put its... felt (colours of choice), thread, needle, stuffing, google eyes or beads.


  1. I love the rabbit, but it's ears are carrot pointy when they should have been more rounded.

  2. I am looking forward to you making one and sending the pictures :)

  3. I miss making felt animals, I used to make them when my kids were little. Maybe I'll make this little bunny for their baskets this year :)

  4. Give him a little waistcoat and he could be from Wonderland!